Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Casual Sunday Adventure + SEAGULLS!!!!

Today like a lot of my other days seemed to pass by really fast!  Although it's only 6 pm right now, I feel like my entire day flew over my head just like THAT!  It's weird though, cause I actually woke up kinda early today, counting that it's a Sunday!

Anyway, So this is how my day began!  

I woke up at 10 AM...doing..actually I don't really recall what I did in the morning!  It was probably a combination of checking my email, and working on some social media!  After doing that for a bit, I went ahead and got ready for lunch!  Yah..notice how I didn't say Breakfast?  By the time I was done getting ready, it was probably around 12 PM already, so yep, no breakfast today, which isn't good, cause I've always learned that breakfast is the most crucial of all meals, because it gives us energy to start our day!  Anyway, my brother was a little busy today, so my parents and I went ahead to have lunch without him.  We went to a restaurant called Yoshinoya, and here are some pictures of the food we ate!  Just a Warning, the food looks absolutely delicious!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Yoshinoya originated in Japan!  It was probably last year that I watched a Korean Variety Show called We Got Married, starring the famous, Seohyun (SNSD) and Yonghwa (CNBlue); they both went to Japan on a trip, and ate at Yoshinoya for one of their meals... haha I was so surprised that there was a Yoshinoya in Japan, and I soon realized that Yoshinoya first opened in Japan!  The interior design looked really pretty, and yep I wanna go one day!! 

Alright, so enough with food!  Here is my outfit of the day!  Because it's Sunday, I decided to dress extremely casually and comfortably, and wore a minimal amount of make-up (actually I always wear a minimal amount of make-up, haha but yah I wore an extra minimal amount of make-up today!)

My first picture of the day in the car!  haha totally failed!  This was supposed to be a picture with both of my eyes both fully opened, but it didn't work, cause the sun was directed to my left eye, and wallah!!! Here's a picture with me Winking~~~~ =).  

Alright! Finally got it right!  

And here is a picture of me looking extremely tired displaying my outfit of the day!!!  Trust me, this outfit was VERY comfortable, it got me sleepy LOL! =) 

My parents and I finished our lunch, and we went to a plaza near by the city we live!  And to my surprise, I was welcomed by a beautiful view that I usually never get to see...unless I went to the beach! !  =)  


I usually have to drive an hour to the beach in order to see Seagulls, so I was extremely happy and excited to see so many around my area!  I'm not sure if it's good that they're here though...cause could it be they are lost??? And will start eating fries, bread crumbs, and pigeons do, instead of fish from the water???  What if Seagulls become the NEW Pigeons????? (lol me being dramatic again!) 

I was so happy to see the Seagulls!  I mean seriously, just compare this picture with picture above that shows my OOTD!!! I look so much more awake!! =D 

Hehe, and here's a full body pic of me and the Seagulls! =)  I love cameras, cause they allow us to capture our memories forever! =)  

After walking around the plaza, my family and I went home, and that was about it to my Sunday-Out Adventure!  Though my day wasn't extremely exciting, I still enjoyed it very much!  I felt at peace the entire day, which is awesome and very much needed!  

I know I recently posted a picture up of my crackled nails, but to end this post, here is a picture of my current nails!  =)  I love doing my nails, and for some reason I felt like giving myself a unique grey sparkly french tip manicure!  I think the grey tips look really nice, but some people in my family begged to differ! LOL  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! =) 
 Remember to enjoy it, cause it's your last day before a new week! 

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