Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Fashion trends always come and go, but for me, I think Leopard & Cheetah prints will always stay with me.  Since putting WINTER PRINTS together, I've been wearing it a couple of times, and I just thought it deserved a thorough post on it!!=)  So Lets Begin! 

Me and My Best Friend. (JK...that would be pretty sad. =( ) 

  Living in Southern California, Winters are rarely unbearable.  (haha that explains why I'm wearing a semi-thick Anorak jacket in the cold weather, and still looking perfectly fine!)  My entire outfit was built from comfort and my mood, and ended giving a Military Army-Like Style.  I wanted to feel comfort yet look put together, so what I did was throw on my cute white sweater, and matched it with a pair of thick Dark Tourmaline Green Colored Cheetah Print Leggings (Fit 2 Go).  And that was the base of my outfit!  

For outerwear, I decided to top my outfit off with a Greyish Purple Anorak Jacket (H&M).  My outfit follows the cool-tone color wheel, and I just felt that my Anorak Jacket adds to a complimenting close finish, matching with both white and tourmaline green =). 

I'm usually not a big fan of pairing red and green together.  I think red and green can end up making a person look like a strawberry (which could be cute!), or it'll just give the impression that Christmas is right around the corner (which is great...if it actually was LOL).  But what I discovered is how amazing a dark tourmaline green and maroon looked together!  Some of my favorite colors fit in the Jewel Tone category, and I think these two jewel tones look great together!  And with my long comment on how those colors look great together, I decided to finish off my outfit with my warm Maroon Circle Scarf from (Accessory Street)

As for shoes, I went with my comfy Dark Brown Cowboy Boots (SODA).  The boots completed my entire look, complimenting with all the colors that I wore, and gave me an extra boost of height!  I've seriously been in love with this outfit, because it checked off three important points, Comfort, Warmth, and Style.  

So in the end, what was I going for?  I honestly can't say I was going for a specific look.  An outfit doesn't always have to follow a theme.  It's what makes you comfortable and confident that matters a great deal!  Looking at my picture, I would say my outfit gives a Military Chic Vibe, haha which was totally accidental.  All I know is, I look very happy in my outfit, and yep that's important! =D 

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