Friday, February 8, 2013

Concerns Over My Overall Blog Appearance

It's no longer an early morning lol, but I'm currently sipping on some hot green tea like I usually do, but this time I'm munching on some yummy cookie crisps cereal!  haha So yummy!  It's like I'm eating mini  chocolate chip cookies, except it's munch healthier than regular chocolate chip cookies.  Weird combo though...ppl usually enjoy their cereal with milk, but I'm choosing to compliment it with green tea, haha green tea on the side of course!!!...or else it'd be kinda gross if I mixed it together.  But hey, some ppl might actually like it that way, and I respect them for doing so! LOL =)

*Sigh* I've been kinda slow on my blog lately.  For people who visit every so often, I think you guys might have realized, and I'm so sorry!  I've just been busy lately, and I guess...when I'm stressed out, it's hard to write a blog post while carrying my usual happy, positive, and giddy demeanor.  I guess I've been having some worries lately as well, with the general appearance of my blog.  I love fashion, and I consider my blog a fashion blog, but at the same time rather than just have my blog be about fashion, I want to be able to fill it up with random personal blog posts as well.  (like this one I guess) If I'm feeling a certain way and I want to share it on my blog, I want to be able to do that as well...without making it less of a fashion blog.  I guess because of that, I've been a little hesitant on what I should blog about.  Anyway...I think I've just came with the conclusion that...this is my blog, and I'll do both on it!  =)  I mean that's how I've been treating it so far, and I don't think I should change what makes me comfortable.

lol it's not that someone said something to me that made me think about my blog's appearance, it's just something that I've realized throughout time.  It's not a big deal, just something that's been on my mind, and I think I've made up my mind up. =)

Anyway, today is going to be a day filled with productivity!  I think one of the best the feeling of going to bed after a long and hard working day!  It's been a while since I've been feeling super productive, and I really want to feel that way today!  Well more like, I want to be able to feel that way everyday!  =)  Right after I write my blog post, I'm going to seriously get my day started and be productive!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  And talk to you guys soon! =)


  1. Though I love how you post fashion things on this blog, I love how you put your personal talks in here too! I mean, it is YOUR blog! You're in control of it! And I'm sure the audience would love hearing them both! Because both your fashion and your personal concerns make you you~ We can get to know you better when you put personally things on here. Not only do I enjoy reading about your fashions, but also your personal opinions and thoughts.
    As for the blog appearance, take you time! :] you're in charge! Just relax and breath, because a piece of art cannot be rushed! Good Luck!