Thursday, May 30, 2013

WASTELAND - My Current Favorite Online Retail Store! =D

One day...I looked into my closet and thought to myself, "Wing.... you have way more than enough clothing. There are so many pieces in there that you don't even wear more than twice a year, perhaps not even once in the entire year... so why are you buying more clothing?"  I think this is a reality that many people face haha.  When I was younger,  I used to buy clothing like there was no tomorrow.  Ok ok I'm being a little overly dramatic here, but what I mean is...I used to buy clothing without thinking about whether I actually needed it or not.  And the thing about me loving that my style always changes, which means what I liked last year might not be something that I'd currently wear...

Anyway, since my realization...I've seriously bought less clothing.  I realized that I could be using my money on something more important, and perhaps just saving the money up for more practical and useful things in the future!  Despite shopping less, haha there's no harm to online "window" shopping right (haha get it?  Using Window 7?  Sorry that was dumb LOL.)   There's no window that I'm actually looking through, but it's the same idea where I'm browsing but not buying!   So yep, that's exactly what I've been doing, and my current favorite online retail store is......Dun dun dun......


Below are some pieces that I am currently in love with & would love to share on my blog!  Check it out! =) 

Evil Twin
Bruise Easy Babydoll 

I am absolutely in love with this dress.  Scary though...cause it's almost as expensive as my prom dress!  Anyway, I'm in the phase right now where I adore over sized garments, so this dress works perfectly!  What differs this from other dresses is seriously the unique tie-dye color as well as the black dipped bottom!  I haven't seen something quite as daring as this, and how nice it would be if I owned it! LOL 

One Teaspoon
London Boys Call Playsuit 

Alright, LOL, so this dress officially surpasses the price of my Senior Prom Dress!  It's super pricey, but I love it!  I love the shape of this dress.  It's tight enough to give the body some shape, but loose enough to exude comfort!  The front lacing is absolutely stunning, and I love the subtle yet stylish shoulder cut-outs! 

Evil Twin
Bad Scene Dress 

Here's another dress from the Evil Twin.  So far the Evil Twin is my favorite brand when it comes to dresses that Wasteland carries.  I love this dress because of the print and color, and most of all because of the super flattering shape it provides!  This bustier dress with a sweetheart neck-line act likes a flattering corset that compliments our upper body, and a flared bottom that gives our look some "ooomf" LOL!  I love this dress!!!!  

Panthers Lace Dress 
Originally: $128.00
Now: $89.89

To be honest...I have mixed feelings about this dress.  I think the peplum shape of the top is absolutely stunning...but I don't think it's something that'll compliment everyone.  Despite the nice shape, I think this dress is super duper dramatic.  The contrast between white and black already calls attention, but the super dramatic floral lace doubles the drama.  I think this dress is stunning on the model and she pulls it off..but I'm not sure how versatile this dress would be.  It looks amazing, but I think it'd be a little too dramatic for a casual day out, interview, or even an evening party.  

Evil Twin 
Ungrateful Life Tank 

Another item from Evil Twin!!! =D  My new fashion trend is.....TIE DYE! =)  I think tie dye is quite dramatic and some people might even see it as tacky, but who cares, I love it!  I don't have anything that's tie-dye but I do see myself getting my hands on some LOL!  Besides the pattern, something else that I like about the top is that it's cropped, which is super popular this year!  Though I favor this trend...I don't think I'll be able to wear cropped tops until I lose some of my belly!  haha  

Cotton Candy Dream Top

LOL this top matches the name perfectly!  It seriously reminds me of some sweet and yummy cotton candy! The vibrant colors are very pretty and eye catching, and not to mention it has a  Tie-dyed pattern!!!!  I love the style of the top, and it's actually pretty affordable compared to everything else in the store!  LOL  It's interesting how the Ungrateful Life Tank (Top: Above the Cotton Candy Dream Top), is more than double Cotton Candy Dream Top's price!  

Striped Hot Shorts 
OMG how adorable are these hot pants?  I love the striped pattern, I love the colors, and more importantly I love how these pants have a high waist line & have slits in the front!  Slits are extremely popular...especially for next Spring, and I think the slits make the perfect finishing to these shorts!  

Jamie Short
These shorts are too awesome!  =)  hehe  It's interesting...cause I probably would have never guessed that I'd end up liking something like this.  I used to be a jean shorts fan, and would never really put any thought into trying pants like the Jamie Short.  I think the shorts are so fun!  The colors, like almost all the items I favored, are fun and colorful!  Again, like the pair of shorts above...I love how these shorts are high waisted!  haha and I think the black lace brings uniqueness to the shorts!  <3

Alright, so this is it to the Wasteland items that I am currently in love with! =) I've never actually been to an actual wasteland store, but I'm seriously aiming to visit their store(s) in the near future!  I heard their stores are split into 2 sections, 1 with clothing from brands their carry, and the 2nd section with thrift items that they purchased from other people.  I think that's pretty cool!  One thing that I love about thrift stores is that some of the most unique clothing can be found there, which minimizes that chances of other people owning the same item the buyer.  haha  Anyway, Wasteland carries some of the most unique and stylish street chic apparel I've seen, and their fashion style is something I seriously respect and love! =) <3!  I'm most likely not going to purchase anything...but it's just nice to share what I love on my blog! =)  

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