Sunday, June 9, 2013

Drowning In Other People's Happiness

Alright, so this post isn't going to be like the one's I've posted lately.  It has nothing to do with Fashion or clothing...or that sort of stuff!  It's going to be another one of my heart to heart posts.

So... let's talk about envy or jealousy...  I think it happens quite often that people look at other people's life and end up feeling bad about themselves.  Whether it comes to jobs or relationships, these are 2 things that trigger jealousy and competition the most.  Even if a person isn't trying to compete with another person, it just so happens that when another person is doing great in life that there's this type of bitter-sweetness about it.  To be more specific, if a person is trying to achieve or wants to achieve something, and it just so happens that their friends or enemies achieve it and he/she doesn't, then he/she would end up feeling bitter because he/she wishes that they were in the other person's shoes.

I think it's reasonable though....very understandable actually.  But I think it's times like these that we should refrain from looking at other people's happiness and find happiness through what we have.  Yah I know... if a person is super poor, then they might feel jealous over the rich...but if we keep drowning ourselves in other people's happiness, then where is the opportunity for us to be happy?  If all we do is compare what we don't have to what those who we envy have, then where's the time for us to seek true happiness among our lives?

Whether you are a girl who was cheated on, and bitter over your ex. boyfriend's life with his new girlfriend, or a person who is unhappy over someone's career that you wish you had, then I think it's time to realize that if competing and comparing is making you sad, then it's time to put the comparing to a stop.  Yes other people might be happy, but there are also things that they might dwell over that you might not be aware of.  Even if their life is picture perfect, then it's time to put less time, thought, awareness, and energy into their lives and instead work on your own happiness.

I think everyone has the ability and opportunity to be happy.  It's when we find that inner peace within us that we'll automatically feel more at ease and live each day more positively.  Good things happen to those who believe!  Those who are positive and look forward to seeking happiness in their own life.

Life is so precious... and I think we should start putting more time into our lives.  The person who you might be jealous of is taking care of themselves, now it's time to take care of yourself and find your inner and outer happiness. =)

Best of Luck,

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